CHAIRAPY- 3 Day Upholstery and Furniture Painting Class


JANUARY - APRIL 2019 Schedule;

Jan 25-27

Feb 22-24

Mar 29-31

Bring your own chair and fabric to this 3 day class and transform your tired, outdated old chair in to showstopping brag worthy piece with the guidance of a professional upholsterer!  This class is not intended to provide formal education to become a professional upholsterer, however techniques and applications observed in the class can be utilized to complete your personal projects.

You will learn very basic upholstery techniques and van Gogh Fossil Paint finishes that will get you started on the path to Metamorphose your chair! Tools, burlap, webbing, are provided.  Foam is an extra cost if you need to replace.  However, many times the foam can be cleaned, sanitized and reused.  Click here to view my blog post on styles that are appropriate for class.  NO WINGBACKS or club chairs! These are too advanced for the 3 day course.   

Day 1 (10a-6p) - Chairs are completely stripped to the frames and prepared for painting with van Gogh Fossil Paints chalk-based paints for furniture.  You will learn several basic techniques and choose which one best coordinates with your fabric and decor!  You'll fall in love with van Gogh Fossil paints whether you are a seasoned chalk painter or beginner! Painting your chair frame is optional - if you choose to sand, stain and polyurethane, this must be done prior to class.  A brief but thorough tool safety demonstration is conducted prior to starting class.


Day 2 (10a-6p) - Now that our frames are dry we are ready to begin upholstering! You will learn to pattern and cut your fabric for your chair parts.  Starting with the webbing and foundation you will get to know chair anatomy and understand how many steps are involved to creating a good upholstered foundation for your top layers and fabric. 

Day 3 (12p-6p) - The last day is dedicated to finishing details such as trim or nailheads and stapling the dust cloth.

You are required to email a picture of your chair prior to class for approval to You will receive a reply along with the amount of fabric you will need to purchase.  Click here to read about my favorite Houston fabric spots!

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